Edward Marc Chocolatier

Rounding off a wonderful winter break with the family with some great chocolates from Edward Marc Chocolatier. Sharing them after dinner was a lot of fun. They sent along their signature meltaway chocolates, which the family and I shared.

Edward Marc also includes a cute little chocolate bar on top of their packages to show their logo and give you a tasty treat. It's a lovely touch. The entire package was actually wrapped up like a lovely gift. It was a really delightful little presentation that I wouldn't mind being given or giving to anyone.

From left to right, peanut butter, dark chocolate, mocha, and milk chocolate. The peanut butter was my favorite of the four. It had a nice flavor, like a gourmet peanut butter cup, but reminded me more of a smooth peanut butter than a peanut butter cup. There was less graininess and texture to it, it was a lot creamier than I thought. It reminded me of a frosting, and there was a buttery richness, like a ganache. It did melt, and it was very creamy. There was a nice sea salt flavor to it and a good peanutty taste, but the creaminess dominated a lot of the flavor.

The next flavor was a dark chocolate meltaway, and it was a lot crunchier and thicker than the other ones, with a chocolate ganache on the inside. This one tasted more whipped than anything else, with less body and depth than the outside shell. I tasted more of a coffee note to this than the mocha, a real rich espresso flavor combined with a deep chocolate taste. The nice thing about this was the crunch that the thicker chocolate shell and the less meltaway ratio gave, which was interesting, and lent a different texture and mouthfeel to the overall experience of eating the truffle. It was quite interesting to try!
(Both were sevens!)

After that was the milk chocolate meltaway, and that was a tasty treat. The milk chocolate shell and the chocolate ganache were two of the same, a very sweet, chocolatey flavor with not a whole lot of depth to it. There's not a lot to say about this, a very sticky taste in my mouth, a lovely flavor, a little ending note of honey, maybe some caramel to it, but not much else. Very buttery. A little waxy, too, with the ganache texture. Perhaps not my favorite texture as far as fillings for truffles go, but never passable.
The last was the mocha, probably my least favorite of the ganaches. It had a white chocolate coating and a coffee and chocolate flavored interior, with a coffee bean on top. Boy, those were little coffee beans! I mean, they were seriously little beans on top. The beans made a bland and vaguely artificial flavor a little bitter, too. The mocha flavor was sweet and fluffy, very light and buttery and creamy like the others, but the coffee gave it a bitterness that I didn't like. The white chocolate might have dissolved some of that and cut some of the tart flavors with its sugary sweetness, but overall, it just wasn't to my palate.

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