The Hen House, Boston, MA

We went on an adventure today for chicken and waffles. I had been on a quest for them ever since seeing Guy Fieri stuffing them down his maw and eating them orgasmically, and the combination seemed too good to be true. So today, we got up nice and early to go to The Hen House, a restaurant in downtown Boston.
It was a small and funky little joint, clean and friendly, with all sorts of posters and televisions, like a sports bar but one step above. The food varied, and they seemed to have interesting specials that they switched around, comfort food fare that looked delicious and all homemade.
Our waffles were interesting. Erik ordered a cornbread waffle with cajun butter, clove honey, and chicken tenders, and I ordered a buttermilk waffle with honey butter, maple syrup, and chicken tenders. The waffles were plate-sized and very fluffy. I'd expected slightly denser, but they soaked up the syrup quite well. The butter on mine was average, and I'd hoped for a little more of an intense honey-butter flavor, but it was creamy and melted well, and with the syrup, was quite tasty. The saltiness of the chicken was great with the sweet syrup and neutrality of the waffles. I preferred Erik's cornbread waffles, and the cajun butter was to die for. It was also a lot of fun to order and then mix and match.
The chicken wasn't the highest quality, I think. It was a relatively small portion, about a breast and a half's worth, with a decently crispy coating and was somewhat tender, but with some chew and a little gristle, but not bad by any means. The ratio of chicken to waffle was good.

Overall, the restaurant was a lot of fun, and definitely worth the trip over. We really loved the atmosphere and the food and the drive up from Leverett wasn't so bad at all. We switched on the way back. Quite enjoyable and a good road trip before a very busy semester!
The Hen House
1033 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA, 02101

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