Immaculate Baking Co. Sugar Cookies

Baking with Dr. D, we decided to pop a few of these in the oven as an after dinner treat. These were a lot of fun to make and bake because we could partition them, and there was no need to make the entire package if we didn't want to.

These are all organic, all natural sugar cookies with an included packet of sugar for sprinkling at one's own discretion. Oh, the power you shall have, once you can sprinkle sugar at your own whim. And the little blobs of sugar cookie dough are simply darling, as though Queen Saccharine the Cookie Fairy herself has come down and pooped little perfect gobs of dough onto the tray in a military style formation. It's pristine.
Baking is simple, just tear the cookies away like magnets and plop them on a cookie sheet in whatever amount you want. In fact, the instructions were great, because they even went for the dreaded time-space management scheme, earning extra points by maximizing the time I could have spent scratching my ass but instead, instructing me to dip the cookie hemorrhoids into the sugar while the oven was heating. Genius, IBC. Pure genius. And the cookies weren't half bad, either. They plumped up in the oven and came out golden brown, crispy on the outside and very buttery and sugary. The colored sugar added a pretty and festive vibe to the cookies, and a nice flavor overall.
Any criticism is that I did have to make an extra effort to hunt for a rubber band and a clip to tie onto the package for the remaining cookies, so a resealable addition for the extra dough would be a boon, but that's basically it. The cookies were lovely, looked homemade due to lazy spacing on my part, and were fun and easy to jazz up. Pillsbury slice and bake has met its match.