Manwich Bold

Manwich has to be the manliest name for a food to ever cross this universe. I mean, it's like naming your breakfast cereal Steroid-O's, or your snack bar Nutri-Penis. Seriously, does a food get more testosterone-fueled? In the commercials I see, it always shows some large, satisfied man eating a manwich, which I still can't get used to typing, because it feels dirty, so I decided to feed my man a manwich and see what would happen.
We went to the supermarket, where I also bought the steak that popped my steak-cooking cherry, and saw the Manwich BOLD, which must be typed as such, and decided that it was definitely manly enough for review. It said it was zesty and peppery and all that manly shit, containing peppers and tamarind and things that men apparently enjoy.
We made it with cooked chicken, and it was really surprisingly good. The tamarind was an uncommon ingredient used in good way, and it came out in the sauce and provided a tang. It was thick and held together in the sandwich, and soaked into the bread quite well. It was awfully messy, but that's a quintessential trait of the Manwich, the double-edged sword, if one can attribute that much prestige to a sandwich that caters to penis-wielders. Chicken probably wasn't the best ingredient to make it with, as it clumped together in an odd way, but the sauce was flavorful and made for a nice hot meal. I can see the Manwich BOLD sauce being much more versatile as an overall ingredient than a stand-alone sauce as an ingredient, like in chili fries, as Erik said, or as the can helpfully nosed in, with a baked potato or in a hot dog bun. Silly Manwich.

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