3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bar

I tried this at the urging of two factors; the convenience store's sign, proclaiming "NEW!!!" in bolded, highlighted lettering at the front of the desk, and the clerk at the desk herself, telling me how tasty they were.

Intrigued, I scurried back to my room, candy bar in hand. As soon as I unwrapped this, a wonderful and rich chocolatey smell entered my confused nostrils. This was...rich. Hrm. So I cracked open the bar, and to my surprise, it was extremely succulent. The chocolate on the outside was rich and milky, and on the inside, the bar snapped with an airy crunch like a malted milk ball and melted with a similarly airy feel to a malted milk ball, too. The truffle layer is really tasty, and very rich. It's a lot creamier than a lot of the standard chocolate bars that Mars and Hershey put out.

The truffle layer was also very fluffy, but substantial enough to give me the feeling of eating an entire chocolate bar, and there was enough difference in each layer- the outside, the truffle, and the crispy bottom, that I didn't get bored or bothered that there wasn't a different flavor instead of just chocolate, and the flavors also maintained the integrity of the 3 Musketeers bar that it had deviated from in the first place. I'll definitely go to this over another chocolate bar in the future, because it gave me a more gourmet feel of a truffle, but without the "gourmet" prices.

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