Auntie Anne's Sour Cream and Onion Pretzel

Yesterday, I stopped off and grabbed a tasty soft pretzel. I hadn't had one in ages and it made a really tasty snack! What I didn't know was that the pretzels came with all different kinds of powdered dips aside from the liquid dips that they could bathe in, so I decided to try the sour cream and onion and see if it could translate well from my favorite chip to a tasty soft pretzel.
Auntie Anne, whomever she may be, makes a darned good soft pretzel.
What I like about those that I don't like about other brands is that it's a very thin pretzel, so that it's not too doughy on the inside, which can sometimes give it the chewiness of tasting undercooked. The plain parts are very buttery and moist, never dry, and it was nice and hot when I got it. As for the topping, it was a powder that the entire pretzel was splashed into when it came out of the case. It was very salty, which some people might not enjoy, but I personally loved.
Really, it was just like having my potato chips meet halfway with my soft pretzel, and that was freaking awesome. It was a little crispy on the bottom from the butter, the flavor was spectacular, and there was extra salt from the pretzel. Do without the extra salt; trust me. You won't even notice it's not there.

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