Buffalo Wild Wings Southwestern Chicken Flatbread Flips

Erik and I took a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings, in the mall the other night and I took the opportunity to try their new Flatbread Flips, in Southwestern Chicken, with cheese, chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce, and queso sauce. The meal came with chips and salsa. To drink, we had the huckleberry lemonade.
The lemonade was very refreshing and came with a 50/50 ratio of ice to drink, which is always a letdown. However, it was tasty and smooth, and wasn't too syrupy at all. It was very well mixed and was chilled throughout. With some mixed fruit and syrup drinks, one finds that the syrupy part at the bottom is sometimes relatively lukewarm, but in this case, it was chilled the entire way through, which was a big plus. However, there were no notions of lemon in the drink or any hint of it being natural, and I found myself wanting for a more lemon-based flavor.
The flatbread was the equivalent of what Taco Bell should be. It was massive and stuffed to the gills with fillings. The cheese was melty and the queso sauce had a little bit of spice to it, and it was very flavorful and tasty.
There was a lot of chicken in it, too, and the chunks weren't chewy or fatty and they were tender and broke apart in my mouth. The flatbread itself held apart well, despite having one small seam and a mainly open edge, and nothing fell out. The vegetables added a crunch and tang and were fresh and nothing was limp.
The chips and dip, unfortunately, held up to the scrutiny of Mi Tierra and other incredible restaurants in the area. While most of the chips were crispy, some of the chips, I'd say, every one out of five, was undercooked and chewy like a raw noodle, and I couldn't bite into one of them without choking on the piece I'd chewed on. It was very bad.
In addition to those pieces, the rest of the chips were bad. They were a quite greasy, almost to the point of being translucent, and undersalted. The salsa was too vinegary and very watery, and there was very little spice to it at all. With the chips, I was pretty disappointed and thought that more effort could have gone into them, especially the salsa. For a place that prides itself on sauces, it's definitely a letdown.

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