Burgers 101 at The Hatch, UMass Student Union, Amherst, MA

Hello, hello.

It's been bitter and cold and disgusting in Western Massachusetts. I envy Gigi for scurrying back to sunny California! But I'm stuck here, so I decided to try Burgers 101 at The Hatch for a warm meal before classes.
Apologies, too, for the rotated photo. Image Preview and Blogger are NOT congruent, and when I upload the horizontal photo from IP to Blogger, it shows up vertical, and since you can't, inexplicably, rotate photos in Blogger, there's nothing I can do. Suggestions?

Burgers 101 is reasonably priced. With each burger, you can get as many toppings as you want, with either a single combo, small fries, for $6.75 total or a double combo, large fries, for $7.50, with any size fountain drink. I got a single combo with a turkey burger. I had my choice of beef, turkey, or garden burger. On the burger, I put bacon, white cheddar, and chipotle mayonnaise.

It came out pretty quickly, within a few minutes of my ordering it. The soft drink selection was nothing to shout about, but for the price, I had no complaints. The burger was decently sized, and very thick. The turkey was extremely tender and juicy, too. There was a light crisp on it, and it was crumbly just to the point of falling apart, but not in a bothersome way. It was really perfect. It was cooked all the way through and tasted fresh, and was perfect with a little extra salt and pepper. Unlike many turkey burgers that I've tried, I didn't taste any bread crumbs or added fillers in this one to bulk it up. It was pure meat.

As for the toppings, the bacon was lean and very crispy, and was charred around the edges, just how I like it. It was a good thin cut and didn't fall out all at once when I tried to take a bite. The chipotle mayo added a good bite to the burger, and gave the meat a creaminess that I thought went well with the crispiness of the meat's outer edges and the bacon's texture, as well. The toasted bun soaked up all the extra juices and was rather hearty. Nothing special to report.

The one main gripe I had about this burger was the cheese. Where was it? I was expecting the cheese to finish off this burger for the flavor, to give me a little tang with all the other flavors I had. And there was either no cheese at all, very little cheese, or a good amount of weak, weak white cheddar cheese. And neither of those options is pleasurable to me. This burger needed more cheese.
The fries were decent at first, when they came out of the fryer, but the ten seconds after they'd been sitting, they started to get flaccid, and although they were fresh cut and still had the skin on them, a flaccid fry is a flaccid fry. And nobody likes flaccid anything. Ever. But, again, with salt and pepper, they were tasty and had a good, natural flavor to them, not oily and tasted very fresh. Lovely. I just wish I could find a place that double fried, for that extra crunch.

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