Chocri: Fantastic Foodette

Here's another delicious selection from Chocri in time for Valentine's Day! This was my go-nuts bar, my personal indulgence. The bar has a milk chocolate base with toffee pieces, nougat, caramel drops, mini butter cookies, and gold flakes.
The milk chocolate base met the unfortunate fate of being on top of the shelf that held my lamp, and when I went to get it, forgot that the lamp was on and heated, and was briefly melted. A quick trip to the refrigerator fixed it, but the cosmetics are entirely my fault!The bar is very tasty. The milk chocolate didn't have the snap that it normally would have, but that was probably due to the melting and re-chilling of the bar. I didn't chalk anything down to that because that was a mistake on my part, though. The toppings were very artfully arranged and pretty on top, and I loved the earthy colors and bright accents of the gold. This was a really pretty bar. Overall, the toppings themselves were evenly distributed.
The flavors were varied and went well together as far as taste went. The toffee was very buttery and was the dominant flavor in the topping department. The nougat was extremely disappointing as it was not intense or flavorful at all, and was barely noticeable within the symphony of other flavors in the bar. The caramel was very subtle and soft and gave the bar a slightly salty tang, which balanced out the sweetness of the milk chocolate. It was a nice flavor, maybe a bit sweet for me. It was very milky and good, though. The star of the toppings had to be the butter cookies, though. I expected them to be soft because of the chocolate, but they remained crispy and buttery and the textural difference was wonderful. I just wish there had been more! There really weren't enough cookies. The toffee was very buttery and had a pleasurably burnt aftertaste, reminiscent of cotton candy, but was way too crunchy and disrupted the softness of the bar itself.
Overall, I liked the combination of the bar in theory, but I feel like in practice, the similar flavors fell through and didn't go together as well. I might have combined it with more spices and nuts next time instead of so many butters and caramels.

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