Chocri: Foodette's Breakfast Bar

My Chocri bars are here, and I am very excited to try them! Carmen from Chocri was very generous in letting me create and go nuts with all my lovely chocolate bars. This particular bar is a white chocolate bar, Foodette's Breakfast Bar, with cinnamon rice cereal, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate covered rice krispies, dried strawberries, and bourbon vanilla.
I thought there was a really great and even distribution of toppings on this. I hate how on some chocolate bars, the toppings aren't even or the chunks are sized badly, but on this, it was pretty much perfect. The peanuts were very large, but broke down well in my mouth, and the honey coating was the perfect sweetness for the nuts themselves.
The chocolate was a little bland, it coated my mouth a little too much, but had a nice honeyed flavor from the nuts and a fantastic extra pop from the cinnamon of the cereal, which provided a great base with white chocolate, whereas with milk or dark, would have definitely been overpowered. The strawberries added a fantastic element of tartness that made the cinnamon come out with a warm flavor, too, and the combination of the two was easily my favorite flavor profile of the entire bar.I didn't taste the rice krispies very much, because the chocolate coverings might have blended in a little too much amidst the chocolate bar itself, but they provided a little crunch. They didn't stand up to the big crunchers of the show, however, so they weren't very noticeable, and if I had eaten this blindfolded, I might not have noticed their presence at all. And the bourbon vanilla wasn't detectable unless I bit parts that weren't covered by any other topping, or licked the bar where the vanilla was scattered. It illicits romantic undertones. Lick bourbon vanilla off your partner! You'll taste it. I promise. Just...not with anything else.
Overall, though, this was a great bar. Pair it with some orange juice, Nutella, and cardiac arrest, and it's part of a nutritious breakfast!

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