Hunt's Snack Packs Triples Brownie Mix Pudding

Pudding flavors. We've all experienced that brilliant, futuristic epiphany when we've thought, "I bet it would be awesome if I could ingest all my food through a pill or through liquid alone." And by gum, it's been done in so many sci-fi movies about the millennium and the future, where we're all wearing latex outfits like disgruntled dominatrices, popping pill food, pretending to be like the Na'vi while playing WoW with our Omegle pals and wandering around on our retarded hovercrafts.
Well, Hunt's has done exactly what our fanciest wet dreams have entailed, and they've embarked on the liquid food formation with this Snack Packs Triples Brownie Mix. The idea itself is so enticing. Take everything great about brownie mix- the texture, the chunks, the chocolate chocolate, the fudge, the awesome, and take out the bad stuff, like salmonella, everlasting guilt from your slim and attractive mother and her slim and attractive jeans when you're hiding a bowl and smearing it all over your face, and the endless preparation, and you have this pudding, right?
Needless to say, I was intrigued. So when I opened this and smelled a faint whiff of dairy and then, vaguely chocolate, I was a little confused. We tasted it. Gloppy, yes. Milky, yes. Chocolatey...not really. It was an extremely bland and chalky tasting pudding.

There were supposed to be three "layers," too, for the triples part. Layers of what, you say? Chocolate? Brownie? Heartache? There's a sweet tasting chocolate flavor, yes. It's made with milk. But overall, this has no more resemblance to brownies than John Mayer does, even with his affinity for pot-laced confections.
Note: No mothers were harmed in the consumption of this confection.

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