McDonald's Sweet Chili Sauce

Well, after GrubGrade reported it, I braved New England's monster of a snowstorm (ha!) and went out to get it. Hankering for McNuggets, we decided to change things up with some Sweet Chili sauce.
Essentially, it's a rebuttal to the Sweet and Spicy Asian Boneless Wings from Wendy's, reviewed by We Rate Stuff, under the guise of the Winter Olympics. Upon a careful review of my Styrofoam cup, I see that that Flying Tomato thing, Shaun White, was merely just flash in the pan. McDonald's has moved onto some other generic icon who is now screaming at us to "SAUCE IT" and perform a really sweet move on our boards. Like we'd want to get up.
So the sauce. It was surprisingly decent in quality and ingredients for McDonald's. There were a decent amount of chili pepper flakes in the sauce, and it didn't seem to be 100% corn syrup and hatred. But sweet? It's supposed to be sweet chili sauce. If they're billing it as sweet and spicy, like Wendy's, I expect there to be an even balance. This tasted spicy and not sweet. With the McNugget, the sauce melted quite nicely, and created a nice, sticky glaze over the nugget. But the flavor really overwhelmed the meat as a whole instead of making it taste good. All I tasted was spice and the texture of the chicken, which was an overall disappointment. More honey was needed, but if you like spicy spicy, maybe it wasn't so bad.
Trying it with the ranch quelled it a little, but in all actuality, it tasted like we were eating really, really cheap Chinese food, and since we were eating mediocre fast food to begin with, eating cheap Chinese from a mediocre fast food restaurant is like Jeffrey Steingarten's worst nightmare. Better to just get decent Chinese food at a cheap price or stick with the McNuggets in their ranch sauce, or honey mustard, or what have you, and stop trying to imitate everything else.

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