Odwalla Pomagrand

Here's a delicious juice from Odwalla that reminds me of summer. Especially with the snow and crappy weather that we've been having, it's awfully refreshing to have a beverage that brings back memories of the hot sun.
The drink itself is a mixture of pomegranate and lime juice, and I'm a sucker for all juices with lime. Hoping this would turn into another cherry limeade, I drank it. It's definitely better cold than lukewarm, and the pomegranate flavor is deep and filtered. It's a very intense and pure flavor, too. With some pomegranate juices that aren't filtered enough, I've tasted muddiness and an almost salty flavor, like a steak sauce, which is great if one is making a savory sauce or marinade, but for a juice is rather repulsive.This juice is sweet, though, but not too sweet, and at the end of the pomegranate's succulent and sugary vibe, the lime takes over and provides a tanginess when you swallow. I wished that the lime came out a little more within the flavors of the juice, but overall, it was definitely a clean taste and profile, and lived up to the name "Pomagrand". So, readers, where am I going for my next lime juice fix???

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