Orville Redenbacher's Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Sometimes, I have a movie night in my dorm, so at the end of the week, when I have my work done, or when I have none of my work done, I kick up my feet and relax with a film in front of my TV with some popcorn. Popcorn gets boring after a while, though, with the same flavors. I don't trust the popcorn shakers, because I worry that they're just a gateway drug to buying bacon salt off the internet. So when I saw this new cheddar cheese flavor of Orville Redenbacher's popcorn, I was transfixed.It popped up pretty well. On 2:17, the kernels were big and fluffy, and made about four big cup's (the beer pong kind, but I put popcorn in them and post them on my silly blog) worth of popcorn, with a little bit leftover. I was surprised with the mode of cheese distribution, too. I'd originally expected this to be a shake and bake operation, where I'd put the cheese on after the butter had made it malleable for cheese to be added, but no, this was all one step. So that was nice, for feasibility's sake.The popcorn itself is a big improvement for NASA astronauts, as it can be seen from the space station Endeavor, so one point for Orville, catering to that hard-to-reach astronaut demographic. Seriously, the color is blinding, and distributes well on the kernels. It looks much more orange than this photo does. The texture is lovely. It's crispy, and has very few of the extra kernel bits that get in your teeth and require gum surgery to remove. In the entire batch, I had seven unpopped kernels, too. As far as taste goes, the first bite is buttery...and then, a hint of cheese. Very subtle. If they weren't bright fucking orange you wouldn't know that they were trying to taste like cheddar. Later, after eating a few handfuls, you realize, "Oh, this is the Vermont Cheddar Hydrogenated Oil I was telling you about, the aged one," right in the middle of Hiroshima, Mon Amour during the parade scene and your friends will look at you and call you a DOUCHE.

And you will be. Just like this popcorn. I'm going to look for the nacho cheese and try it, see if it's any better, but overall, I wasn't pleased. So, what do you eat when you watch movies at home? When you go out to see a movie?

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