Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles with Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Well, technically, cheese sauce. Perfect for the kid or manchild who's living in the basement at the age of 28 and still hasn't moved out. That's right, Chris-Chan, we're talking about you!

These are a delicious breakfast food because they require no effort and still taste just as though you spent actual time toiling over the stove, sweaty bangs hanging into the greasy bacon pan, pushing up your Coke bottle glasses with one hand and flipping bacon with another. The croissant...strudel...bread...what the hell is it? They call it "strudel" in the sweet equivalent, but now it's a scramble, so we're left high and dry, trying to figure out what the bread is. Whatever it is, it's leftover from the sweet stuff, so it gives a sweet flavor to the bread. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's like a cheap croissant. Makes you feel like a French tourist. It's tasty, really, and crisps up well in the toaster.
The filling inside looks like the inside of a Tauntaun, but tastes quite good. It was heated evenly all around. I was disappointed that the cheese sauce was on the inside of the filling rather than being in a squirtable packet, like the sweet ones. I've always wanted to draw a penis or a Pikachu or a Large Hadron Collider on my Toaster Scramble, I don't know about you. However, the inside of the scramble was satisfying. Although I was disgruntled with the amount, which was quite sparse, being that the photo showed at least double the amount in the actual Scramble thing, the ratio of filling to breadtangle was pretty decent. The egg, if you didn't look at it, (in its disturbing cube shape) was pretty tasty) and the bacon was great! There was a ton of bacon! And I loved the cheese sauce.
Yeah. That's what I'm calling it from now on. Breadtangle.

So, I liked these. I mean, for $3.59 at my convenience store, which has pretty high prices, that works out to 60 cents a pastry, which is a great deal. And I'm sure you can find them at a better price elsewhere. Has anyone tried the sausage variety? Are they good?

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