Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Hot Sauce

Ages ago, I got a bunch of stuff from Dave's Gourmet, amongst which was this awesome adjustable hot sauce that I've kept in my collection of amazing gadgets. It's like a Batman utility belt gadget, but obviously better. So the time has come to review this, the most awesome thing ever.I've separated my friends into two groups: Men and pussies. The men can be women, too, but it really comes down to who can take hot sauce and who can't. And when I have parties, I can't make a food without chipotle and spicy things, and some people are giant walking vaginas and can't eat it, and then, what do you make? So this is the perfect solution to that conundrum if you have two groups of friends like me.

The adjustable heat hot sauce is fucking genius. I mean, it's self-explanatory. It's very tasty. And yes, I tried all the heats on a neutral source- chicken wings. I don't have photos of the wings themselves, but they took quite well and the mild sauce is a nice, vinegary heat without bothering the tongue too much, and really soaked into the chicken well. It would make a dip really pop well, and also add a nice flavor to a sandwich if you wanted it to. It's like a Tabasco or something similar. It goes up from there, nothing too exciting, but ingenious.I tried the hottest one, too. It had me running for bread, anything. It was no ghost pepper, but it had me running for a drink and something to chew on. I also sprayed these on my Spring housing regulations to illustrate the heat levels. Boy, talk about something that's not conducive to a small, enclosed area. It burnt my throat and made my eyes go into the back of my head. In short, this stuff is hot, use responsibly, and for the people reading this blog who are potentially brain dead, you can't adjust the heat after spraying onto the food.One flaw in the design that I did notice is that the little gauge that tells you which direction you're twisting to find out how hot the sauce will be falls off easily, as it's just paper, so that can be a good or bad thing. If you're a sadist, great, if you're wary of hot sauce, not so much, because mine fell off and it was all trial and error from there.

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