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You know that moment you have, that moment of seemingly absolute clarity, when you think to combine two things that are perfect on their own, to make them even more beautiful as a pair? Maybe you're stoned. Maybe you're five and you've just combined all the chemicals under the kitchen sink. But the way I see it, it's like two gorgeous people having a baby. That infant is going to be rather ugly, like the spawnling of Kurt Cobain and Courtney-Oh. (Photo copyright LFI, though who'd want to take credit for that?!)

Like the lovechild of Madonna and Carlos Leon (Thanks, Slip! I'm that out of the social loop).Yeah.So, going into this combination- Dutch Chocolate and tortilla chips, I was worried for my own sake. First off, because the bag was $3.49, and second off, because when I opened it, there were like, a maximum of twenty chips inside. I mean, talk about a major turnoff. Twenty chips? Really? These had better be damned good chips, but already, they were stacked against themselves, ha ha ha.So, smelling them, they smelled a little like Play Doh and salt, which can be good or bad, but eating them, they were surprisingly excellent. On some chips, there was a slight char, which gave a smoky, almost s'mores like taste to them and that was really excellent. It balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate, which was perfect. It wasn't too sweet, and was a natural chocolate, like Hershey's baking chocolate, so it was more of a lessened, bitter flavor, but still tasted like chocolate, and the vanilla helped to make it more of a solid and vibrant dessert taste.The sea salt, though, was what really did it for me. It brought out the corn chip base, which, I think, might have taken a back burner to the chocolate and vanilla had the salt not have been there, and really brought it out into the open. The toasted corn rounded out the chip and made it entirely versatile. I'm excited to try these as dessert nachos, or perhaps as dinner nachos on their own! (Expect a recipe in the near future!) And I loved these, but the damned air to chip ratio in the bag? Come on, don't be cheap.

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