Hippie Chips Haight Ashbury Jalapeno

Hippies are the new bad boys.

Take a look outside. The new, up and coming 18-35 bracket isn't driving greasy motorcycles. Those would release carbon emissions and pollute the earth. They've traded those in for a worn pair of Birkenstocks, or if they're rich, a Prius.

Their hair is no longer greased back, but is flowing, either let down in curling locks or teased into the quintessential dirty dread. And since leather jackets are cruel to animals, you can't help but notice the unmistakable reek of hemp clothing all over their privileged bodies.Eating these chips, Hippie Chips, I was reminded of Bono and U2 and how "rocker" the hippie lifestyle is now associated. It's a strange phenomenon, and these chips have jumped on the bandwagon. They're healthy "potato" chips, and I say potato because I'm pretty sure they're soy, at least, they look a hell of a lot like soy crisps, and are flavored in "Haight-Ashbury Jalapeno". I don't know whether to laugh or smash a guitar made of endangered wood from Tanzania.For $2.00 per 1 oz. bag at the gym's vending machine, these are about worth the money you'd spend to go see Hannah Montana play Woodstock. There were, and I counted, twelve chips. That's not to say that they weren't good, but I'm still reeling from the math here. The flavor is definitely peppery, but it isn't jalapeno. It's a poseur of a chip, definitely more of a generic pepper, like the Lay's Pepper Relish Chips than a clean, kick of a jalapeno. There is spice, though, so it's hot, but not really hot enough to make you run for your organic latte or Odwalla smoothie.To compare these chips to anything, they're definitely hippie chips, but as far as flavor goes, they're about as badass as Milhouse in drag.

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