Askinosie Davao White Chocolate

White chocolate is pretty hard to pull off. For one, it's not actually chocolate, but cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. I've generally shied away from it for that reason, because I don't think that it gets the flavor of the cocoa beans in. I'm open to interpretation and variations, though, because I don't want to be like those people who drink only red wine because of the tannins, so I was intrigued to see what Askinosie would do with this.From the last chocolate bar, I was extremely pleased with the flavor and depth that it brought to my palate, and expected the same from this particular bar. It's a creamy off-white color, with a slightly salty nose and a soft, but audible snap. It's packaged in the same biodegradable packaging that all of the Askinosie bars have.This chocolate was very slow to melt and seemed grainy when I moved it around in my mouth. And it was grainy and textured roughly. The salty flavor that I'd picked up before was more present, and though the chocolate was still sweet, the mouthfeel maintained this aspect of waxiness that I really didn't enjoy and could only avoid by chewing the chocolate in choppy bites.

I was pretty patient with this chocolate, and sealed it up to revisit a few days later, but I still experienced the same graininess and tangy flavor that I'd had before, and resigned to simply using it with some cookies and left it at that. I think they had a concept that was bright and new, but the lack of sweetness and the texture really fell through. With vanilla bean, I think the flavor could be vastly improved, but for now I'll stick with their dark chocolate.

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