Crystal Light Apple Mango Slurpee

Another Slurpee adventure. This is the one Slurpee that Erik refuses to try. He hates mangoes and peaches with a passion, so every time we get juice that I want to have for myself, I get a mango juice or a mango blend. Poor guy. But when I saw this, I had to try it and see for myself how it tasted.

I think the combination is pretty ingenious, but it's definitely a bit of wishful thinking. Checking this out, it was nuclear orange when I looked at it, rivaling Buffalo wings and some Cheeto flavors, and smelled very much like apple gummies or air fresheners. The flavor is very, very tangy and sweet, as though I just poured a straight packet of Tang into my mouth without water, and you really don't get a lot of the mango.That's why I gave it to Erik to see if he could taste them. And he couldn't! He had no idea there was mango in it. It smells a little perfumey, but aside from the color and the label, there's no hint of mango at all. All I tasted was an artificial sour apple taste, and that was so intense that I lost my taste for it after about three sips. The Crystal Light is tempting for a snack that's low in sugar and high in taste, but this might be a little too flavorful for me.

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