Doritos 2nd Degree Burn: Fiery Buffalo

The next in the Doritos degree lineup. As you might know, Doritos is no stranger to the art of buffalo wing flavor on chips, even going so far as to create a flavor a few years back, Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch. So to me, this looked like a simple rehashing of the classic flavor. But could they make it spicy?One of the things I never liked about the BBAR Doritos was that it promoted three components: Blazin', Buffalo, and Ranch, and only delivered on the buffalo, with no ranch to speak of and no heat at all. These had a nice flavor, and I think that the combination of the two flavors was muddled in production, so taking out that extra element was a good call on the part of Frito Lay.The chips are Doritos, you all know what they taste like, and the corn base is a solid chip for dipping. The flavor is really, really weak, though. Compared to the 1st Degree Burn, this was just lame. I didn't need water, and I didn't really taste the essential components of the flavor- the vinegar and the heat. It's not that the spices and colors weren't there, it was just so wimpy. I miss the Doritos Spicier Nacho. That was a good, hot chip. This one, though, I just feel was slapped together during production for the sake of getting a 2nd Degree chip out. It's the neglected middle child in the trifecta, and sadly, DCF can't intervene on this one.

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