Mrs. May's Almond Crunch

Going to the gym, I like to have products that keep me relatively healthy. I don't want to go and then negate all the work I've done after running and lifting weights. So I generally pick more hippie granola stuff and see how I like it.

This particular snack is vegan. I raised an eyebrow because I like foods that are usually strangled with cheese and assorted dairy products. Maybe meat, too. But the way the almonds were cut intrigued me and made it look more pleasurable, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.It's not a terrible snack. The almonds, which are really nothing other than roasted nuts, are made into a sort of healthy, less sugary brittle and cut into cubes, and I thought the presentation of that was really nice and quite different. I'd have definitely picked it over regular nuts simply because of that. The flavor was subtle, regarding the coating, and the predominant taste was definitely that of the almonds. It was still sweet, but with definitely less candy than the average brittle and a nice, slightly salty taste that went well with the almonds. Nutritionally, it's a good snack for low carbohydrates, but I found that it wasn't worth the amount of fat (23 grams in a package!) to the amount of protein, a paltry 10 grams. I think there are better things to eat, but it wasn't tasteless or awful and caters to a wide audience of foodies.

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