Odwalla Banana Nut Bar

It's the 21st century, baby, and I'm really pissed. In the millennium, they promised me I'd have condensed food pills. I saw it in all the films and tv shows- The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ren and Stimpy.

And now it's 2010 and I'm still masticating like a mastadon and feeling oh, so boring. But there are solutions for my problems. See, I've found a convenient way to get a good slice of banana bread, with all the flavor and texture and goodness, in a granola bar. It's the Odwalla Banana Nut bar, and I've never had a more similar and tasty bar that reminds me so much of banana bread.The bar itself is hefty, at 2 oz, and feels thick and weighty in my hand. It's made with fruit and whole cereal grains, so I feel like I can indulge while eating this. The texture is very much like banana bread. It's very chunky, with plenty of crushed walnut pieces. It's not sticky, but it doesn't crumble and has a great chew to it.The banana flavor is very much present, but isn't too sweet or artificial tasting. It combines well with the spices and oaty, nutty flavor of the rest of the bar and really makes a sweet treat. I feel like it's just sweet enough to satisfy my cravings, but not too sweet so that it puts me into a sugar coma. I love the chew and heft to the bar and find that it gives me the energy to go. It's also very filling, so it's perfect for an afternoon snack accompanied with some fruit or cheese.

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