Trident Splash Orange Swirl

Trident's all up in my grill whenever I go to the convenience store, proclaiming a "burst of sweet indulgence." Chrissakes, they make it sound so epic that I'll forgo dessert for the rest of my life, and order glazed Trident with an Armagnac reduction at fancy restaurants.

I mean, how indulgent can a gum be? Unless they use vintage sugar alcohols, I just don't see it. This gum, though, intrigued me, because just yesterday I had extolled the virtues of food pills and ZOMG, here they go again, listening in on my conversations, and making a gum that supposedly emulates an orange creamsicle. One of my favorite desserts.Your tax dollars are working hard, people.

But, rather amused, I gave it a whirl. The gum pieces are pretty big, and they have that hard shell on the outside in a blister pack as opposed to being wrapped in paper. So, points off for the sheer lack of paper chains to make, but I forged on. The shell has a nice crunch, yielding to a soft, vanilla flavor in the gum itself as well as a liquid center with orange goo on the inside.I don't know how I feel about the combination of textures. With the crunchy shell and liquidy inside, it's a little like biting into a bug. The gum gets soft pretty quickly and doesn't require much heavy chewing. The orange integrates well into the gum and makes a nice, subtle flavor that reminds me less of an actual orange fruit and more of a furniture polish, but it tastes nice with the creamy, slightly chalky vanilla flavor of the gum, reminding me of half and half. The flavor is very mild, but tasty.

The gum's decent. It's tasty, but definitely doesn't satisfy my cravings for a good orange creamsicle. Still, it lasts a long time, about 45 minutes to an hour on one piece, and is an interesting diversion from all the strange cocktail inspired gums and mint varietals, so it's a keeper.

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