Clif Mojo Mountain Mix

Here's an interesting take on a classic concept- trail mix. Clif Bars have made a granola bar that contains all the best of trail mix- raisins, peanuts, pretzels, chocolate chips. This wasn't the bar I'd originally wanted. I had been inclined to try the peanut butter pretzel version, but the convenience store hadn't had it stocked yet.

This bar, though, was a pleasant surprise to open up because it is chocked full of goodies- they don't skimp on the toppings. The bar is kind of crumbly and loosely textured. It's very soft, but the soy crisps are crunchy. Unfortunately, that's the only crunch. There's no differentiation from each topping, and the raisins, chips, and pretzels just blend together, both in texture and flavor. The bar is also very sticky.The flavor was the biggest point of contention for me with this bar. Something about it seemed off. Biting into it, I thought the liberal amount of toppings would provide a nice flavor, but there was no salty in the sweet, very little sugar, and a very bitter, stale flavor to the bar. I wonder if there was an air leak in the packages or if the entire batch tasted like that, but it was pretty gross and I wouldn't get this one again unless I was confident that it didn't taste entirely awful.

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