Look, we're all on budgets, that I know. College students, families, everyone. We're all making small cuts for the better. I can no longer afford to buy hardcore German nun porn anymore or subscribe to Cigar Aficionado. Everyone is affected.

Luckily, you can get off your ass and stop buying family sized boxes of chicken rings, because I have a recipe for you, adapted from Food Wishes, that costs less than fifty cents a serving and looks like you've hired a freaking chef.

This, my friends, is gnocchi.It's manly enough to be put in any kind of sauce and garnished without making you look metrosexual or a purveyor of the occasional dress and delicate enough to serve to even the most finicky of guests. Served with a cream and primavera sauce, it's absolutely filling, delicious, and fluffy.

Ingredients (serves 2)
One large potato
One egg
3/4 cups of flour
Salt to taste

1. Seriously. That's it. Start by boiling your potato or nuking it in the microwave if you don't feel like microwaving. After it's hot and completely cooked on the inside, let it cool and peel it. Throw the chunks in a bowl.
2. While that's happening, go ahead and get a ricer, strainer or a grater, something ricer-like if you don't already have a ricer to use, and take your egg and flour out.
3. Rice the potato by mashing it against the strainer with a fork until all the chunks and clumps are gone and it's now in little granules. This is really, really important for the formation of the gnocchi.
4. Take your riced potato and mix it in with the egg, and then gradually add your flour until it becomes pliable and dough like, but not too floury and crumbly.
5. Take it out of the bowl and roll it into a large log. Cut that log into four pieces, and start making clay snakes out of those. Cut each log into little pieces with a knife, and boil until they float. Once they're all floating, leave them in for fourteen seconds and then take them out. Serve with any sauce you like and watch as your guests rant and rave over this delicious dinner.

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