Oscar Mayer Deli Creations: Turkey Monterey

Well, I'm back home, and I'm sorely missing the people back in Amherst. That's more home. In any case, I'm back where I grew up, and I'm eating sammiches and bad Chinese food.

This is a favorite, one that I've mentioned before and really enjoyed. The process is the same deal, microwaving the bread and cheese and then assembling the 'wich. This time, though, the cheese is PEPPER FREAKING JACK, the turkey has PEPPER CRUST, and there's salsa and SOUTHWESTERN mayonnaise to top it with. It makes me feel like I'm in a real live tourist district of New Mexico. Southwestern Disneyland or something.The sandwich, for all my bad jokes, is really, really good. Tons of turkey, and it's moist, but not watery like the ham was in some of the other sandwiches. There's more meat touching here than a rugby team scrum. The cheese's gooiness and texture was completely gone, but the spices shone through nicely. Bummer that the cheese was dead on arrival, though. The sauces really made it a unique and tasty sandwich, though, than just another permutation of meat, cheese, and bread. The salsa wasn't watery at all, in fact, was thick and tasted very spicy with nice chunks of tomato and onion, and mixing with the spicy ranch sauce or whatever, made a really interesting sauce to go on top of the sandwich and gave it a spice as well as a creaminess that it deserved and lacked with the cold, sexless frigidity of the cheese.This was decent. It was better than the soulless hucksters of the other sandwiches, and I'd definitely try to recreate this at home with better ingredients and more exciting flavors. Not bad, but there's always more to check out. Summer is here!

And you all have four more days to enter the contest. I extended the date to this Monday- write Foodette Reviews anywhere you want and you'll get something special from me. It won't be oral sex. But it might be chocolates.

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