Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

Sorry, readers, pardon me. It looks like I've mixed up my "before" food photo with an "after" digestion photo.That actually happens to be another Smart Ones sundae, in the peanut butter cup variety. Unfortunately, it's about as appealing as a make your own sundae with store-brand ice cream at the VFD or a children's birthday party. Supposedly containing tons of peanut butter cups, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and a cookie crust, this is nowhere near the caliber of the cookie dough sundae.

If the cookie dough sundae was a giant, vibrating dildo in your mouth, this is like being repeatedly raped with a micropenis. It's bad in powerful ways and is just pathetic as a whole. The ice cream is standard, similar to the cookie dough sundae, and has the texture of being whipped and fluffy. The chocolate sauce is acrid, like a bad Hershey's knock off, and the peanut butter cups are few and far between. The cookie crust is MIA and when you do get a little bit of it, you get a gooey, solidified mass of grainy dough that tastes like the sauce.I think my main gripe with this is that it doesn't really try hard enough to be a peanut butter cup sundae. I expected more peanut butter, maybe peanut butter sauce instead of chocolate, or peanut butter flavored ice cream, and I realize this is a low-calorie and diet treat, but there are ways to make things lower in calories, and this just seems like a cop out on the part of the designers. "Let's take some shit and throw it on and call it a peanut butter cup sundae" is what this says, and in all actuality, when your product looks like shit, too, it's liable to taste that way.

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