Trident Splash Peppermint Swirl

Buying gum is like dating on craigslist. There's risk involved, new flavors come out with the frequency of the Duggars having children, and the dating pool is huge, unless you live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Let's say you buy a pack of something, say, one of those strange, potentially transsexual Trident Layers gums, and try it. You chew it a few times, meet up for coffee and go to the movies, and eventually have to spit it out in the wrapper prematurely because you just can't take the crazy anymore. It's a flavor that looks better on paper than in your mouth and with all those artificial flavors, it's bound to make you sick.This new selection from Trident is different, though, because it gives you what you want, what you expect, and a whole lot more. This is the "girl next door porn star" of the gum social network. Maybe she has a Ph.D in flavor accuracy, too. The crunch is nice, and it yields to a soft, really natural minty flavor. It's not intense or too refreshing, like getting drunk with mouthwash, but it's really sweet and mellow. It reminds me of the Orbit Sweet Mint gum, but with a more accurate peppermint candy flavor. I like that it retains the characteristics of peppermint without being overwhelming.The gel inside was pleasantly cool and blended nicely with the creaminess of the gum's texture, and managed to be chewy and not too sticky at all. A gum I'd be content with waking up next to in the morning. This was a delicious selection and I can confidently guarantee it will not give me crabs.

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