Tropical Nerds Rope

Since Massachusetts is essentially, a muggy tropical oasis, I figured I'd review something vaguely reminiscent of that, so behold! The Nerds tropical rope.

I don't know, but I never really wanted to eat the Nerds on the package so much as hang out with them and maybe have a little pet Nerd of my own.
Okay, so maybe that's the wrong idea. But they always looked like they were having a ton of fun on their own private island or wherever and here I was, the almighty fun wrecker, eating them and crunching their little sugar bodies between my teeth.
This candy is the slightly more convenient Nerds Rope, which you can use to beat your friends with, make a braid with, or just eat. It falls into the category of "candies that are superior to most others because of their unusual length, height, whatever, as opposed to taste," like those yardsticks of bubblegum. That being said, it comes a few inches short of the packaging, clocking in at around eight or nine inches. What I also love about the packaging is how the "design as well as product shape are trademarks of Nestle," like there's a serious copyright and patent behind a vaguely turd shaped candy. God forbid someone chocolate coats it.It's a very springy candy, in the chew. The little Nerds are well adhered to the gummy rope of the candy, and only a few fell off. There are four different colors of Nerds on the rope, and as far as I can tell, I can't discern any individual flavor from them, but there's a very strong pineapple and coconut flavor to it. The rope on the inside tastes like green apple.

The texture is pretty nice. It starts out crunchy and then gets sandy, like a gummy worm, as you chomp the inside part. It's a little tangy, a little sour, but that could also be from the flavor. This has some serious citrus flavoring. Overall, though, I liked this snack, but I definitely prefer newer chocolate selections. I think the concept is interesting and appreciated that Nestle actually went through with a tropical flavor and stuck to their guns instead of generic "fruit."

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