Meltykiss Fruity Strawberry

Today I took a trip to the Asian grocery with T, to peruse the selection and get some new blog fodder. I haven't done a Japanese snack review in some time, so when I saw that the grocery was finally carrying Meltykiss, it was a match made in heaven.I'm pretty sure these are the last of the holiday selection of food that they couldn't sell in Japan, because the package is adorned with snowflakes, but we got them and they're still quite tasty. My only experience with Meltykiss was from what I'd seen online, so my impression of them was much different than my experience. I really loved the packaging. I know it might seem like overkill, but it was really perfect to have them all in the little box. The individual wrapping was a nice touch, too. I would definitely bring these to school and share them with friends. It made it easy to pop in my mouth and just eat without the worry of having a messy chocolate melt all over my hands.These smell identical to a chocolate covered strawberry, with a subtle, slightly muted strawberry scent and a dark, rich chocolatey aroma wafting up from the cube. The flavor was nice and dark, and the strawberry wasn't artificial at all. It was tart and fruity and perfectly sweetened. Finally, a snack that wasn't too sweet for me. The chocolate was a little waxy and took longer to melt than I'd hoped, but the flavor was delicious and very satisfying. One cube did the trick for me! There wasn't as much cocoa powder on these, but the power of the ingredients made this a worthwhile and memorable snack.

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