Walkers Spanish Chicken Paella Crisps

I'm celebrating World Cup season by exercising complete apathy. My only real recognition of the sport is by coincidentally viewing anything on Swagger's status updates and by eating these chips. In fact, I've moved my attention to a new sport, the deadly art of Facebook banter.

Lately, that banter has been circling around sweet wolf shirts and panic zones, to be quite honest, but I'm considering taking it into the territory of triple-dog dares and public freestyle showdowns. See, Keepitcoming has never had any desire to try any of these strange potato chip flavors that I so covet and lust, but I've been trying to sway her over to the dark side of chemically manufactured tastes, so I'm heavily eying the options of taking this shit to the streets, as they say.She is entirely exempt on one count, though, as I ate this flavor last night. Walkers is celebrating World Cup fever by making fifteen different flavors of potato chips designating the competing teams. This happens to be Spanish chicken paella, a dish with about eight billion different ingredients that I imagine would be difficult to translate onto one snack food, so I was immediately intrigued.There's no scent when the bag is first opened, but the chips themselves are bright orange. They're very thinly cut, but are nearly translucent with all the grease. Compared to Lay's, the thickness equivalent to these, they are much greasier but more flavorful as a result.

As far as taste and accuracy goes, this is a far cry from emulating a hot paella, but the chemists tried hard and managed to come up with a savory and fresh tasting crisp. There's a very heavy, tangy note of green onions that makes up the dominant flavor, and everything else is really generic spices and salty bouillon. With the saltiness, the flavor isn't entirely exciting, but the concept is valiant and the taste is both innocuous and exotic for Keepitcoming. I'm stoked to try more flavors from the new Walkers line.

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