Green and Black's Organic Whole Cherry Dark Chocolate

Green and Black's chocolates are all over, I've seen them in stores, but have never really paid them close mind. At the Fancy Food Show, I got to try a few of their different flavors and was rather pleased with the variety and expertise of the chocolate bars in store.A classic favorite of Keepitcoming Love is the organic whole cherry bar with a 60% dark chocolate base. The bar is rather large, and partitioned off into biteable squares. What's fantastic about this bar is that there are actually cherries in it and they taste like cherries. As small of a feat as this may seem, it's actually rather difficult to find a chocolate cherry bar that doesn't have the syrupy sweetness of cordials or the Craisin-like lassitude of a lesser bar. This chocolate has tangy, dried cherries that are sweetened very judiciously and bring out the sweetness of the chocolate while maintaining a rich, natural fruit flavor.The percentage of cocoa butter is perfect in this bar, yielding a flavor that balances between bitter and sweet without wavering in favor of one particular side. With the combination of the cherries, this bar, albeit simple, maintains a creamy texture studded with chewy bites that both alter and meld with the chocolate's natural flavor.

This combination is really ingenious. It's not too intense, but has enough of a bite to it to keep it an interesting and multi-faceted bar, delicious as an afternoon snack, happy hour apertif, or dessert.

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