Mango Hi-Chew

This candy flies under the radar at a lot of Asian groceries. In fact, the one near school is the only one I've seen carry it in such a wide variety of flavors. We saw this one, not Morinaga, but the American distribution of Hi-Chew, in mango, and decided to give it a go.

At the Fancy Food Show, they were distributing this, but we hadn't thought to talk to the representatives for more information. I've seen it on J-List and Naga Japan, and was curious to try it. It's described as a creamier, tastier version of the Starburst, and although the American flavors are decidedly more pedestrian, we were game and playing for keeps.The mango flavor is absolutely delightful. And who doesn't love mango? My crymaxing ex-boyfriend. Mango-flavored items get you ear-deep in snizz. Ladies love the mango. The texture is chewier than a Starburst, but has a very supple chew that doesn't stick to your teeth at all. There is an outer layer to the Hi-Chew that might just be for color differentiation, but the texture reminds me of mochi or a similar glutinous rice product. The chews themselves are rectangularly shaped, with a bright orange center surrounded by the white stuff.Each bite tastes exactly like eating a real mango. The melting sensation creates a creamy, juicy silkiness to the flavor, coupled with the tart, succulent flavor of the mango itself. This manages to do what so many candy and juice flavors cannot- emulates the flavor of the fruit, down to the salivatingly sweet flavor and elevates this candy to a status above the rest. And because I rarely like to end a review without a little obscenity, I deem it necessary to remind you all that the inside of a mango really does resemble a vagina. Thank you.

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