Sharkies Kids Organic Sport Chews

We seem to be on a trend of organic snacks lately. However, I'm not trying to hate on the Cos Cob set today. In fact, I have a love story for you. A story about passion, desire, and Sharkies.

This is another product from the Fancy Food Show, one that Keepitcoming and I passed a few times before flirting with the idea of approaching the booth. Sharkies seemed too aggressive, but once we tasted those gems, it was love at first bite.Sharkies are an organic sport chew designed for both kids and adults, and they apparently give you energy and stamina to make love all night long, as though you yourself were a Hammerhead with the ability to breathe above water and copulate with a hot woman. They look like regular gummies, reminiscent of the classic 90's snack, Shark Bites, but are so much more fulfilling.

There are a few different products out on the Sharkies market, but the one we tried was a sample of the berry flavored sport chews. They come in two colors, all made with vegetable coloring and natural ingredients. The texture is easily the best of any gummy I've ever tasted. It falls squarely between the realms of gummy and fruit snack, with an extremely satisfying, pliable chew and "resistance", as Keepitcoming told me, without screaming "ORGANIC" in your face or tasting overly artificial.
"The Persistence of Sharkies," Keepitcoming Love, 2010.

The flavors are subtle, but easy to recognize as berries, and although it was a little difficult to judge which berry or which gummy tasted like what, it was a soft, fruity flavor that smacked of fruit juices. I'm not sure if this is the meth talking, but I did feel energized and ready to hit the dollar store after eating these, and the combination of all these factors is so incredibly perfect that I just want more of these. It's such a treat to find a snack that has this texture, flavor, and none of the guiltiness that comes with scarfing a five pound bag of Haribo Gold Bears in your laundry room, and for that, I'm fairly convinced that Sharkies could be my new Cinderella story.
As Keepitcoming once testified, "I love Sharkies. It's like having two Great Whites battle with lasers- in my mouth!" If that's not love, I don't know what is.

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