Tripletas 'n' More, New Haven, CT

Swagger and I embarked on an epic adventure yesterday with all intentions of going to the new Sonic in Connecticut, acquiring some swag, and reporting back to you after eating food delivered from a car. But alas, it was not meant to be! Connecticut is so fucking jonesed for Sonic after seeing ten years of cockteasing commercials that every single person in New England is now there. It was an hour and a half wait. We weren't feeling it.

However, there's one delicious delicacy that's open all the time, that delicacy being the New Haven food trucks on Long Wharf. They're a heartdropping delight, with risky twists and turns. Will this tongue taco taste good? Will I get food poisoning after eating this hot dog? What really goes on in the recesses of that sandwich cart? All these and more awaited us on our mission to get good, hot, cheap food. We finally settled on the Tripletas 'n' More cart.I'd actually heard of tripletas before, from one of my exes and also from the magical land of the internet, and I was stoked to find out that here in Connecticut, a magical sandwich lay in wait. So thus we ordered the tripleta to split, along with a pina colada, and waited outside amongst the throngs of people and bachata music playing.

The sandwich took a half hour to make. Seriously. I don't care if you're Wolfgang Puck and you're creating a sandwich on the spot with ingredients based off the last orgasm I had. It should not take a half hour. When the food was finally handed to us, though, it radiated lovely smells and the pina colada was generously portioned and sweated sweetness in my hand. Eleven bucks total and we had our lunch.Maybe we were sunburned and thirsty, but that pina colada was like manna from heaven. It was in a rather large serving, enough for the two of us to share, and balanced sweet and creamy with a nice shaved ice base and a cherry on top. While there were no pineapple chunks, there was a satisfying sweet pineapple flavor, not too sugary at all, and enough cream base to make it seem like a more indulgent desire than it nutritionally came to be.

With rum, this might have just been perfect.The tripleta is, in the majority of circles, a sandwich made with roasted pork, roasted steak, and chicken, with melted cheese, potato sticks or fries, coleslaw, ketchup, mayo, and mustard. Many ingredients. Ours came with a medley of meat and cheese, coleslaw with the toppings mixed in, and potato sticks on a soft bun. The bun was very soft, but held up to the enormity of the toppings and stayed uniformly together throughout the consumption.We had to peel the tin foil off the sandwich and eat it bite by bite. Each bite had a huge amount of meat in it. While I couldn't necessarily discern one meat from another, they were all relatively well spiced and tender. The meat was in good chunks, a step above ground beef but not quite in slices. The coleslaw and potato sticks, a strange addition, added a nice crunch and textural differentiation to the meat. There were not enough potato sticks, and they were haphazardly placed on the side of the sandwich, near the opening. The cheese, instead of being placed on top and melted, was incorporated into the main meat in small chunks, rendering it melty and flavorful.

This was a damned good sandwich. Swagger didn't feel as though it was attune to his personal preferences, and I was a little skeptical about the meat, but we both felt that it was a tasty lunch and that it was very filling. It was definitely something different and off the beaten path, and I wouldn't hesitate to get this again. The food trucks in New Haven are delicious and fresh, and fantastic for budgets.

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