479 Madras Curry and Cashews Popcorn

On most nights, Keepitcoming and I love to make curried noodles. They're cheap, incredibly tasty, long lasting, and are so easy to throw together, an infant could cook them. We've been trying out a few different flavors of curry sauces and have a lot of fun coming up with new concoctions to eat for dinner.This popcorn reminded me of our adventures in noodling because of its gentle caress of curry spices in the seasoning. On top of the popcorn was a layer of seasoning and sugar with a bright yellow hue cast over the pieces. The aroma of curry wafted up from the pieces, combined with a nice coconut scent. The curry was not very spicy, with a slight heat that grew as you ate, but this was a popcorn we could not stop eating. It was just like kettle corn, with a very heightened savory element as opposed to the kiss of saline delight that one normally experiences.Mixed in with the popcorn were whole cashews. We found four in about a third of the bag. This was enough for us, but die-hard nut lovers might yearn for a few more. The cashews were liberally seasoned with the curry powder as well and provided a tasty flavor to the overall structure of the popcorn. Like the last flavor we tried, the crunch was spot-on and crispy.
479 has done nothing short of brilliant thus far. The boxes are attractive and minimal and the flavors are ingenious and very exciting. We look forward to trying more of their flavors, and can't wait to see what they cook up next.

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