Chardonnay Vignette Wine Country Soda

Well, here's a subject very near and dear to my heart- viticulture! In fact, just today I mentioned to Keepitcoming that it might be fun to move to California so that I could attend UC Davis's school of viticulture and enology. This particular beverage is not wine, but is made with California varietal wine grape juice- in this case, the Chardonnay grape.While this beverage is no Montrachet, it's certainly unclassifiable as a grape soda, either. So how would one taste this, knowing that it's slightly mirrored to the wine's flavor? California Chardonnay, an acidic, sunny, little cousin of Pinot Noir, is quite flavorful and quaffable on summer days. Known for its oaky and complex aromas, my experience told me this would be a tough flavor to emulate. How bad could it be?The bottle is adorable. I only wish there were little corks, or at least screwcaps with half corks inside. Alas. It's very sophisticated and minimal in design. The soda comes out with a healthy fizz, and wafts a gentle scent out of the glass, a very subtle apple. Upon first sip, you're slightly overwhelmed by bubbles, but those secede to a gentle fruitiness, a caress of peach, citrus, and soda water. No sugary or tart flavor to speak of. The grapes are the frontmen in this traveling band.This is a varietal for a variety, ladies and gentleman. If I wasn't giving real wine to my imaginary children, I'd gladly offer them this so as to avoid an untimely arrest. I'd give it to guests choosing not to consume alcohol, as much of prudes as they may be. This is something as delicious as any wine you'd expect and far exceeded my expectations for a non-alcoholic beverage.

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