Melon Hi-Chew

Good news, regulars. El Diablo, my Mac, is up and running and ready to post more terrible and delicious edibles. Despite deleting all my Firefox bookmarks. Huzzuh for El Diablo.

Keepitcoming Love picked me up some melon flavored Hi-Chew yesterday. I was hungry and in need of sustenance, so I decided to eat it and review. I'm not really much of a fruits and veggies eater, come to think of it. I realize this is not a revelation of a sorts, but I'm quite sure that the melon Hi-Chew is the closest to actual nutrients or nutrient-like foods I've consumed in a while. I did manage to eat a nectarine this morning, though.Anyhow, I noticed something pretty neat with the ingredients on this candy. Melon powder is actually listed seventh on the list, and in the flavor, it's quite apparent. The flavor is extremely floral and perfumed, and tastes like a hybrid between an cantaloupe and a honeydew melon, with the naturally sugary taste from the latter. In the mango flavor, however, there was an obvious textural sensation, though, with the prickliness and thick mouthfeel, but this lacked the juiciness and dense fleshy texture a melon typically has. It was in this slightly less realistic touch that we decided mango to be the unanimous favorite.I'm looking forward to trying some Japanese flavors of Hi-Chew. Will they be different? Equally as luscious and flavorful? I especially liked that this included melon powder, despite falling a little short on its replication, and hope that there will be a more substantial presence of natural flavors drawing from the actual fruit in future tastings.

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