Nuts About Granola Plain Jane and Off Road Edition

Lately, I've been easing back into my college habit patterns. I'm staying up later, I'm sleeping in. I bought myself a pair of sweet kicks from Nike to wear to my archiving class. And I haven't really been eating breakfast. That's not to say I dislike breakfast. On the contrary, I love omelettes, pancakes, chocolate milk...all those sweet, breakfasty things. I like making a house smell like breakfast.

But sometimes I just don't feel like cooking, for whatever reason. Keepitcoming and I were a little lethargic this week, so we ate out and prepared a lot of cold foods. One of these was this granola for breakfast. Recently, I'd been sent a sampling of two granola flavors from Nuts About Granola, in their original Plain Jane flavor and a spring trail mix edition.
We ate these in two different ways, both with milk and in its natural dry habitat. I found the peanut butter one to be tasty and carry a nice, natural saltiness and peanut taste. Keepitcoming also liked it. She ate the rest of the bag with milk and said it was better than the trail mix. It was a tasty base, but on its own, I might not be inclined to nibble. I prefer my granola chunky and varied in texture. This was more of a peanut butter oatmeal base. Admittedly a good idea- who doesn't like peanut butter? But it needs work. Peanut butter chips. Mmm.
The next flavor, the one I ate the bulk of, was called Off Road, and it was a vegan granola featuring nuts, fruits, and oat clusters. This one was chunkier and nicely textured, but the flavor was pretty unimpressive. It tasted like eating raw oats. The dried cranberries, which I loved, were missing in action. I found about three total, and they were tart and sweet. And the nut clusters were sugared and crunchy, but also did not add to the taste as much as the berries did.
I'd have really liked to enjoy this, because I do like granola, but this wasn't as exciting as it could have been.

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