Red Curry Noodles

Tonight, Keepitcoming and I are celebrating three months in blissful awesomeness. Because we made pad thai for last month, we decided to do a variation on the recipe using a sauce from Trader Joe's.This is red curry noodles, and while it doesn't exactly follow to any particular recipe, it was delicious and cooked up nicely with the noodles we used.

Red curry noodles
Ingredients (serves 2)
5 oz. flat rice noodles, about half a package's worth
5.5 oz of red curry sauce
2 eggs
Smoky paprika to taste
1/2 a lime, cut into wedges
Unsalted peanuts

1. Twenty minutes prior to cooking, soak your noodles in hot water. Do not let them soak in boiling water, as they will get mushy. Once they can bend without snapping in half, heat your wok or sauce pan with oil and a dash of paprika. Chop up your peanuts.
2. Throw in the noodles and half of the sauce, and stir. Don't let the noodles clump. Should this happen, add a little more oil and lower the heat. Add more sauce.3. Once the noodles are cooked, push them to one side of the pan and crack in the eggs, stirring vigorously to mix them together and scramble them. Hard curds are the goal for the eggs. Once that is achieved, stir them into the noodles until they are fully incorporated.
4. Toss in half of your peanuts and the juice of 1/4 of the lime. Serve immediately with chopped peanuts on top and a lime wedge.This couldn't be an easier recipe, guys. It takes no time at all, uses simple ingredients, and is fancy and fresh for an anniversary, birthday, or hot summer night. From Keepitcoming and I, keep cooking, humans!

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