Rosé VIgnette Wine Country Soda

Here's another wine soda from Vignette Wine Country Sodas, a Rosé variety. Just from looking at the bottle alone, it has a nice blush and a sweet fade. For the sake of the review, I'm going to assume the flavors are reminiscent of a white Zin, as this is from California and that's the typical grape Rosé is made from.White Zin is the bitch grape of a lot of drinkers. It's sweet, colorful, and a little shallow- the babysitter you'd be happy to watch your kids. But like that bubbly personality, it comes as a turn off to most. It's not as sophisticated as white Burgundy or Riesling and doesn't fall into the category of dessert wine, making it often inappropriately sweet for many diner's palates. But let's not bleed the vat too quickly. The white Zin is fruity and summery and highly appropriate for a hot day, and while it's no Donnhoff for the discerning drinker, it's a smooth alternative to the more expensive wines and blends seamlessly in say, a kegger at a state university or a party in the Midwest.So how does this rank up? Unfortunately, not as delightful as you might think. The soda is scented like a powdery strawberry eraser, though nowhere near as impermanent, and even smells a lot like a tart sparkling cranberry juice.And that's exactly how it tastes. It's a very sweet and approachable drink, but when push comes to shove, like the white Zin itself, I'm not very impressed with the flavor.

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