Salted Caramel Popcorn

Recently, we were sent some gourmet popcorn from Salted Caramel. Now, since Keepitcoming and I like most of the same foods, we're generally in agreement with all the things we sample for the blog. This might have been the first instance when we were split directly down the middle on which sample had the better taste. Each popcorn flavor is loosely themed after the circus, I guess, and is named after performers in a circus, like the strongman and contortionist. It makes no sense at all, as the trend of circus names dies on the back of the package. No further background is given, and the blurbs on the side are non-sequiturs in themselves. If I had a circus-themed popcorn, I'd call it the PETA protester.Of the two popcorns given to us, smoked bourbon pecan and bacon bourbon, my personal favorite was the bacon popcorn. It really reminded me of a solid breakfast combo. The caramel, which heavily coated the popcorn, was sweet and slightly burnt and provided that nice mellow taste that contrasted so well with the bacon. The bacon was unevenly distributed, with the highest yield appearing in the giant goo goo clusters that popped up. It was slightly smoky, a little salty, and gave a sumptuously rich flavor to the popcorn itself. A tasty snack, despite the dying beastly bacon trend.This was also very high quality popcorn. I didn't find any unpopped kernels, and the pieces themselves were fluffy and crispy.The smoked bourbon pecan popcorn was extremely flavorful. The smoke was distinctively present in the popcorn, and it mingled and enhanced the flavor of the caramel. The nuts were in good sized chunks, scattered intermittently throughout the popcorn, and imparted not only a textural irregularity but a nice layer to the flavors going on. This was Keepitcoming's personal preference. I found it a bit too intense for my tastes.Keepitcoming Love's Disturbing Observation of the Day: "This makes me feel like a contortionist."

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