Bacon Hot Sauce

I'm a creature of simple pleasures. I like my reading pillow, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, (not Young) and the occasional foot fetish model. And when I'm not living it up as an esteemed blogger and exploring the exciting side of molecular gastronomy, I'm eating relatively simple foods. Pizza. Meat. Eggs.One of my favorites is bacon, and to Keepitcoming's chagrin, I try to weasel it in in as many dishes as I possibly can. Bacon chocolate chip cookies. Sandwiches with bacon. Bacon on pizza. Bacon with eggs. And now, thanks to bacon hot sauce, I can officially infuse everything we eat...with meat.Surprisingly, the bacon hot sauce isn't as overwhelming or as porcine as I'd thought. It balances farmyard and firehouse with an equal preference to both, and is spicy, but does not burn. We tried this on pita chips, pizza, and on a fork, and on all three applications, found that the smokiness of the bacon shone through but still kept its properties as a hot sauce.I'm so glad this wasn't overwhelming. It has the potential to shine in any dish it is used in and compliment any of its ingredients. It chooses not to captivate your attention, but rather, reward the palate with its array of sensations.

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