Grafton Farms Two Year Old Cheddar

I feel like this cheese is pretty advanced for a vast majority of other two year old products in its region. I mean, color me biased, but if this cheese were in a daycare, it would already be exhibiting fine motor skills and color recognition, unlike Toaster Strudel, who still shits the bed mid-toast.Where this differs from the average toddler is that I am fully confident I could leave this cheese out unattended for an hour or two and come back to find it not full of chemicals from under the sink. Grafton Cheese is all natural, with no preservatives to keep it fresh.The flavor of this cheese is on the higher side of most cheddars I've consumed, with a strong and nutty aroma and a robust creaminess, a texture so smooth you'll swear you were fucking Kenny G himself, and a fantastic melt, with a gently receding exterior and a runny inner core.The cheese is completely natural and its pliable texture basically melts in my mouth. I'm left feeling sated and indulgent, as though I've just completed a round of Perfection with time to spare. This ain't your Kraft Singles, baby. This is the big leagues of cheese.Perfect with apricot preserves and a little sriracha.

What's even more baller is that Grafton makes older cheeses, so you might want to take a bite out of their five year old gold cheddar. With a cheese like this, it seems like there's nowhere to go but up.

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