Jolly Time Homestyle Popcorn

There is a serious gap in my childhood, I've realized, a void that has now been filled with Jolly Time Homestyle popcorn. This variety simulates the experience of making homemade popcorn, and while it may be pertinent to mention that I have never encountered popcorn making in my own home or childhood, an event that may have damaged me psychologically, I can assure you that I have extensive experience with microwave popcorn. However, never before have I seen technology as advanced as the Insta-Bowl Bag patent, a worthy opponent to the traditional bowl or container. The very vehicle used to pop the popcorn transformed in front of my very eyes, dear readers, into a portable receptacle capable of standing up to even the most vigorous of bag handling.

The popcorn was crispy and fresh, and had buttery and salty flavor without feeling weighed down with hydrogenated oil additives- the devil's flavoring! It could have stood up to a little more salt, though. One large bag fed two of us amply with about a third left to spare, and there were only a few unpopped kernels. Each piece popped to a relatively large size and provided the perfect sustenance to an evening showing of Weeds' latest episode. It was a delightful snack and an innovative containing concept, and gave me the experience and satisfaction of toiling over a batch of popcorn on my stove with none of the work and hardship involved.

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