Sensible Portions Sea Salt Vegetable Chips

I had a much bitchier post planned for Sensible Portions, but I guess being sick today weakened my written artillery.

Sensible Portions make me angry at the world. If ever there was a product specifically designed for mommy bloggers and bored housewives in the Hamptons, this is it. It's homogenized to the point of freakishness and infantilizes the consumer to a degree that would embarrass most adult babies.Sensible Portions. The name alone implies that you, the buyer, does not know how to take care of yourself and needs to rely on the cradled hands of packaged goods to guide you on your way to a more sensible lifestyle. This particularly annoying product touts "vegetable chips" with three different kinds of real veggies. Hold the phone!That being said, the vegetables look and taste like Styrofoam packing peanuts. They start crisp but then attain a certain strange chewiness that sticks in the teeth. We could distinguish no individual vegetable from these, their only underlying characteristic being the color of each chip, mild greens, reds, and off-white. I'm not saying to load the chips with food coloring, per se, but I am rather convinced that everything is so mildly colored to either match with the Mark Hampton living room or to dissuade you from eating at all. They're so bland looking and unpalatable.Chip segregation.

And really, that's all they are. Bland and dry and by no means resemblant to actual vegetables. The packaging and marketing is sterile and unapproachable, hence our minimal photography. They're not worth your time or your heartbreak.

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