Sonic Spicy Southwest Breakfast Burrito

It's September 1st. The first day of school for many, but for me, the date that marks exactly five days before I leave my hometown and head back to Amherst for the next year. It marks big changes, the scent of fall in the air, darkening nights, and a lingering last presence at some of my old favorite haunts and new stations since I've been here.

Granted, I'm not too nostalgic. I've had a whirlwind of a summer and I'm ready to get back to the boonies, but I can honestly and sadly say that I will lose a piece of my heart when I leave the comforting embrace of Connecticut's first Sonic Drive-In.

Sonic knew my pain and reached out last night, offering a new menu item to cushion my pain and satisfy my brooding, restless hunger as I drove home. That item is the Spicy Southwest Breakfast Burrito, and it is delicious food.

Longtime Sonic attendees will know that this isn't exactly "new" new. In August of 2006, Sonic released this burrito as well as a midday counterpart, the Spicy SuperSonic Burger with crispy jalapeno strips, . This is now rehashed under a duo of Loaded Burgers, the latter combining chili, cheese, a handbreaded onion ring, and bacon. I knew that if I reviewed another chili and cheese related item from Sonic, Keepitcoming would cover me in chili and cheese and throw me to a pack of wild, hungry puppies.Because I was feeling like breakfast so late at night and the idea of bringing a treat home for the morning was increasingly tempting, the burrito it was. As I brought it home, I felt its heft in the paper bag, straining to get out. Not a small burrito, yet not one filled with meaningless carbs, either.

In the morning, I bounded out of bed and proceeded to nuke the goods. The kitchen was filled with a nice, spicy scent. After cutting open the burrito, I was pleased to discover that its spiciness had a soft counterpart in all the egg and cheese inside. The burrito had the obligatory proteins plus sausage, chipotle sauce, and crunchy jalapeno strips. It was the last of these that scared me the most, as I feared that during the night, time would have reduced them to a soggy, slippery, sorry state.But all was well. The proteins, though unremarkable, were tender and creamier, thanks to the generous layer of cheddar cheese and the additional lubrication from the sauce, and the jalapeno strips were crispy and spicy. The sauce was also adequately spicy on its own. As a bonus, the maker of this burrito had also deigned to include some tots. Bitchin'! Crispy potatoes, crispy peppers, and a delicious meat. The whole burrito was an ultimately satisfying experience and I'd highly recommend this for breakfast or lunch. The only thing that would make this even more tempting would be chorizo, but this really hits the spot.

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