Sylvester's Restaurant, Northampton, MA

We're back with restaurant reviews! And we're totally pumped. This is fresh off the press from breakfast two days ago when Keepitcoming and my father helped me move into the dorms. Sylvester's Restaurant is a local classic with a funky history, the namesake being the inventor of graham crackers and a famous nay-sayer of masturbation and all things sexual. Haters gonna hate!

I was surprised to find that the menu included nothing with graham crackers, seeing as it was such a pinnacle of his Grahamite philosophy. Plus, I was really hoping to eat something that would dissuade my avid masturbation, but I digress. We went for sweet and savory. We shared an order of salmon and potato cakes as an appetizer, Keepitcoming went for the ham, apples, and chevre omelet, Dad had the daily special of strawberry coconut french toast, and I went for a grilled cinnamon bun with syrup and butter.The grilled salmon and potato cakes were delicious. Really. While I found the texture to be a little dry, a factor certainly not aided by the stingy application of the remoulade sauce, the flavor shone with a bright, fishy flavor with adequately spiced potatoes. The entire cake was tender and well crisped on the outside, and had a flaky inner core. The potatoes gave it a little heft and made it feel more breakfasty, and the salmon was a nice switch up from crab cakes. Like I said, more sauce would have been nice!My dad's french toast was different than what I expected. This was similar to the coconut and carrot french toast from Love Bites, in that the fruits were baked into the bread and then pan-fried versus regular french toast with a fruit compote topping. This was moist bread, but lacking in the "oomph" of the flavors that we were really looking for. With syrup, it was delicious, but really had a more muted coconut and strawberry element. Very filling, but it could have stood to be less bland.Keepitcoming had a very rustic, fall-oriented omelet, with apples, onions, chevre, and ham. It really reminded me of a pizza we'd enjoyed at Bread Euphoria with similar ingredients. It was very creamy and indulgent, with the tang and sweetness of the apples and onions playing nicely with the sauce-like cheese.She found the ham a little heavy in the omelet, but enjoyed the flavors. The outer egg held the toppings nicely and was cooked to perfection. I snuck a few bites of this and really liked the textures of all the ingredients. Accompanying this was Sylvester's homemade sunflower oatmeal bread, a nod and a wink to his profession as a nutritionist. This was buttered and toasted and a fantastic addition to the meal.My cinnamon bun looked small on the plate, but our waitress assured me one would satiate me. She was right. A veritable spiral into gastronomic love, this was one filling pastry. It probably didn't need all the syrup and butter, but seeing it soaked into the swirls affirmed my decision. It was a yeast raised dough and was very flaky and oozing with streusel. Lots of gooey cinnamon filling. With the toppings, this was a great breakfast. I'd definitely try their other variations on french toast.

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