Webster Très Jolie Fudge

Keepitcoming and I received this fudge in the mail a little while ago. We really liked the concept of the fudge, made with olive oil and agave nectar, and the flavors seemed eclectic and inventive, paired well with chocolate. We were sent blood orange and pomegranate and cut some slices after dinner tonight to see what we thought.Compared to a normal piece of fudge, which, regardless of flavor, maintains a certain milkiness, the Jolie line is thicker and less melty. The texture, both in our hands and mouths, reminded us of Sculpey clay or a similarly malleable substance. Fudge made without olive oil is softer and creamier.That being said, the flavors were quite good. We much preferred the blood orange, because right from the surface, it smelled citrusy and fruity, and the flavor reminded us of candied orange peels or a Terry's Chocolate Orange. It wasn't necessarily identical to the flavor of a blood orange, but it was easily identifiable as orange in essence, and tasted wonderful with the dark chocolate base.The pomegranate was a little harder to detect. With the rich chocolate, it brought about a tangy, fruity base, much like a tart cherry, but pomegranate wasn't the first thought in our minds. It was still delicious, but it wasn't the most intense flavor I've ever had.Although the texture of the olive oil took some getting used to, we definitely agreed that, given the high quality of the ingredients, it was a valiant effort on the part of the company to utilize non-traditional substitutions and still create an edible and tasty snack.

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